The Great Imperial Webway (Saigar: Khuvanyrg Dar-Gulkhat) is a system of highly maintained roads and trade routes linking the ten district capitol cities and the imperial capitol of Dar-Khitagrom together. It consists of sixteen "routes", each linking two cities together. Each city on the webway has between two and four routes leading to and from it.

Linked CitiesEdit

  • Mazatula
  • Baitokh
  • Uzanyr
  • Pashagrom
  • Urulan
  • Sostahal
  • Buhandan
  • Dar-Khitagrom
  • Uyrgrom
  • Ul-Kad'kh
  • Dulgyr


City City Route
Mazatula Baitokh Stormlands Highway
Mazatula Pashagrom North Lowlands Route
Pashagrom Urulan Northern Seaway
Baitokh Pashagrom Holy Vale Road
Pashagrom Sostahal The Riverway
Baitokh Uzanyr River's Reach Trail
Uzanyr Sostahal Great River Route
Urulan Dar-Khitagrom The Narrow Crossing
Sostahal Buhandan Highlands Highway
Dar-Khitagrom Sostahal Imperial Tradeway
Buhandan Uyrgrom Overland Way
Dar-Khitagrom Uyrgrom Homeland Route
Ul-Kad'kh Buhandan Great North Road
Dulgyr Dar-Khitagrom Steppe Way
Uyrgrom Ul-Kad'kh

Burchid Path

Uyrgrom Dulgyr Hotat Trail