The Haldav'n (Saigar: Holy) River is a massive river that spans all the way from the foothills of the At-Burshal mountains at the city of Uzanyr all the way to the Banar Coast, almost splitting the whole of Atvas in half in a relatively east-west direction.

It spans over a thousand miles in length and has a number of large tributaries and thousands of smaller ones. The whole river system is located in a massive valley or basin known as the Holy Vale.

For thousands of years it acted as a center of trade and a means of travel and communication across vast distances. The river system acted as the center of all Tairese culture as well.

Major TributariesEdit

  • Bavag River
  • Dulgur River
  • Barsh River
  • Darkhat River
  • Hadis River
  • Dokh'n River
  • Bar River